Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Battlefield: Syria

As we all know, tensions within the middle east have historically been pretty high. In an area that was once the cradle of civilization, a large amount of middle eastern countries have descended into chaos following The Arab Spring. The country that has been hit hardest by armed conflict is undoubtedly, Syria.

Since the Syrian Civil War began almost 3 years ago, over 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict. Although it is officially a war between a government and its unruly citizens that refused to be tyrannized, it is clear that there are external forces contributing to the bloodshed in Syria. In some videos of the conflict, one can clearly see the arsenal of american made weapons that found their way into the hands of rebel groups, and the Russian made tanks and helicopters in use by the Syrian Government.

It was only until the discovery of chemical weapon usage that the international community ceased to stand by and took a vested interest in Syrian affairs. Obama declared his "red line" that the Syrian Government had apparently crossed, along with "irrefutable proof" of their violation that has yet to be provided to the rest of the world. Without a doubt, the powers that be within our own government will use chemical weapons as an excuse to escalate the conflict by joining the fight and giving the middle east another toxic dose of American Intervention. I see nothing wrong about helping those who ask for it, but only when they ASK. The proverbial track record of the United States's involvement in middle eastern affairs has been less than glamorous, and any further involvement is likely to create more unnecessary enemies, and unnecessary deaths.
With a country that is amidst an ongoing war and alarming debt, you'd think that our leaders would take a greater interest in our own internal affairs, instead of those of others. After all, who's gonna come to our rescue if things go bad?

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