Thursday, July 21, 2011

G.I. Jihad

As if underwear bombs, homemade AK47s, and filming speeches in caves weren't enough, Al Qaeda has found a new innovative way to express their beliefs and expand their influence... Cartoons. The CIA had done some digging on our Middle Eastern misfits and found a number of animated videos depicting young men in fatigues and headscarves, brandishing assault rifles and RPGs while fighting off "evil invaders" (presumably the USA). Supporters of Al Qaeda say that it glorifies the exploits of Al Qaeda, such as heroic actions of the Mujaheddin, raids, armed clashes, and of course, executions.
Now US officials state this as a "despicable method in an effort to brainwash children"... But then i ask, isn't making all children at school stand up and pledge their lives to a flag the same thing? Now in no way am i a supporter of Al Qaeda, but I do prefer their approach of using cartoons to spread their influence, rather than invading cities and having mass executions.
Now as some of my followers may know, im not a huge fan of the "War on Terror" because of the ridiculous spending and never ending goal, but in the end, the USA did accomplish something media worthy: Our very own spot as Cobra Command in a distorted middle eastern version of G.I. Joe.
Good Job Mr. Bush.
 *starts applauding*

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Greed, Debt, and other things American.

Well in the nation's capitol, there has been an ongoing debate on how to manage the prolific amount of debt that has accumulated since the beginning of the war on terror. Now republicans who formerly supported(11 times!) the raising of the debt ceiling under the Bush administration until it reached trillions of dollars, now stand firmly and relentlessly against raising it further because they feel that we should manage and pay off the debt we already have... but with proper consequences that would follow suit. The reason being is that republicans plan on paying off the programs that have the most debt such as medicare, social security, etc. by appropriating funds from other federal programs such as the dept. of education, Federal highway admin., and anything that has to do with paying or giving aid to veterans and active duty soldiers.
     Now under that plan, we might be able to pay a few bills(at the expense of education, infrastructure, and veterans) but if we refuse to raise the debt ceiling any further, it could create a major catastrophe in our economy and choke off access to other credit markets. In other words, it could cause another great depression. Now the republican party has been repeatedly warned about the consequences by every economist in America, but they have resorted to just covering their ears and hiding under the covers hoping that the 13 trillion dollar monster that THEY created will just disappear into thin air. It seems that there is no good solution to this, because the plans of the democrats are to just keep on raising it while crossing their fingers hoping that the global market will pan out in their favor by having an increase in consumer spending. But now we must sit and watch helplessly as our "leaders" who caused all our problems destroy themselves trying to solve them.
The moral of the story? Prolonged war is never a good thing, and the billions of dollars a month we spent fighting this decade long "War on Terror" is finally catching up to us. So choose your battles wisely, kids, because you might end up dying at the end.